About Us


Pacoservices Sarl, is a company  established in Switzerland in 2003, since then we have worked to provide reliable service of sending money, which is reflected in these 12 years of growth that  have turned us into a company recognized within the industry.

Mision | Vision

Paco services misión is wining and reiterating loyalty of our customers by providing a consisten and quiality service, that is updated according to market and customers needs and expands on contemporary global technology network. Paco Services seeks to achieve this success by training our colleagues to privide excellent service.

Our goal lis to lead the market for money transfers base don a fast, safe and proactive service, until becoming one of the largest in the bussiness


Our most important value is the responsability of delivering optimal service to all our clients understanding that they are the support of our organization. The credibility of our institución is based since the momento of its creation; we establish our headquarters in the country with the highest contribution of the foreign trade. Swiss financial centre has a googd reputation, hence the laws that control money laundering are well developed and controlled by federal agencies, our Company is a memeber of the POLYREG regulator since April 15, 2004 and began our value chain and all processes are cared accurately.